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I'm back with another Fashion/Music Mash-Up and this time it's for Rihanna's new release "Rated R". Her private life aside, the release is indeed progression as Rihanna comes off as a tough, bad girl for the most part but also someone who is very confused in love at the same time. Talk about life imitating art, but anyways, I had a lot of fun with this one like I do with all of the Fashion/Music Mash-Up's I do. Enjoy and comment !

Wait Your Turn

1. Mad House Interlude/Wait Your Turn

Items in this set: top, $2.50
Alexander Wang jacket, $825
Dsquared2 shoes, $975
Jasmine Di Milo tights, 975 GBP earrings, $125

The album starts with a warning of sorts that if you're afraid or easily jolted, basically, this isn't the album for you. Rihanna is back and she's not playing around this time. The first song Wait Your Turn is a bit of a taunt to an interested male, that if he waits his turn and puts in work he can get the girl. She opens the song with the line, "I pitch with a grenade, swing away if you're feeling brave." For this lady, I chose a bright yellow tank and latex leggings as the base. Her jacket is in the current motorcycle trend and is black of course. Don't forget this girl HARD ! Spikey earrings and studded sky high ankle strap pumps complete the look.

2. Hard

The opening cymbals of this beat get you ready for a raucously hype declaration that Rihanna is a tough girl and she's not going to give up what she's worked hard for. She does a lil sh*t-talking on this song and I can't say I'm mad at her for it. Best line is, "Who think they test me now, run through your town I shut it down." Check THIS girl out !! This look had to be as tough as the song title, so there is a lot of black and leather. An Yves Saint Laurent bustier starts the look and is softened a little bit by a stone washed denim skirt with peplum detail. This girl may be hard, but she's still a woman. Check those Stella McCartney thigh high boots out, insane right ?? A Tom Binns statement necklace, simple black studs and a spikey bracelet round out the look.
Stupid In Love
3. Stupid In Love
Items in this set:
Rick Owens sweater, $820
Julien Macdonald jacket, $7,565
Preen pants, $1,190
Alexander Wang sandals, $495
Chanel earrings

The woman on this song is one I'm sure many of my readers have been or known before and she's simply stupid in love. She laments over the fact that she had been so far in love that she couldn't see the bad situation that she was in, but don't fear, she's reflecting on it because she woke up in time to get out of it. She still loves but she won't be fooled into staying in a situation that's detrimental for her. I figured this look would be her doing that one last walk through dudes spot, finally convincing herself she's done. Keeping the color scheme very Rihanna, the base is a grey cashmere sweater and printed leggings. Not to think her basic, an elegant pair of Chanel earrings would dangle from her ears. To edge the look up, I threw in a sharp shouldered (literally) Julien Macdonald jacket, ending the look are a tough pair of ankle strap shoes from Alexander Wang.

Rockstar 101
4. Rockstar 101
Items in this set:
Alexander Wang top, 70 GBP
See by ChloƩ skirt, $277
Givenchy boots, $1,150
Burberry watch, $795
2BD sunglasses, $198

This song is pretty self explanatory, this girl is a rock star and she's gonna show you how to do it. She yells proudly, "I'm a rock star, hey baby, I'm a rock star, big city, bright lights, sleep all day, f*ck all night" Good Girl has gone bad for sure. Not to mention Rihanna collabed with legendary guitarist Slash for this one. This look is simple but packs a whallop. The centerpiece is the gold mini skirt and to cover lil miss rock star up as much as she'd allow, we threw in a black semi sheer tank. Givenchy fur booties are on the feet and a studded watch on her wrist, not that she cares about time. Shades are a requirement for real rock stars and she's got a pair of BAD ones.

Fire Bomb
5.Fire Bomb
Items in this set:
Kind jacket, 225 GBP
Bottega Veneta pants, $290
casadei sandals, $624
Alexander McQueen ring, $550

The girl in this song warns "The lovers need to clear the road, cause this thing is ready to blow". She's wrapped up in an atomic, nuclear, radio active, catastrophic kind of love . . . and it seems to have driven her a bit crazy. She even says that you can call her crazy but she's gonna go out blazing. Staying with the black color scheme, I chose a pair of black harem pants and a military style knit to form the outfit. An Alexander McQueen four finger ring is the sole accessory as this young lady isn't caring to much about much else other than this bombastic love she shares with this probably equally crazy young man. She may be about to burn up, but she'll start a fire all by herself in those Casadei sandals.

Russian Roulette

6.Russian Roulette

Items in this set:
Marc Jacobs dress, 1,025 GBP
Hussein Chalayan jeans, 285 EUR shoes, 580 EUR

It's hard to know if this young lady is engaged in a game of mental russian roulette or if she's actually playing it with a crazed lover. After "Fire Bomb", I'm inclined to think they survived the love inferno and decide to try and cheat death again. She proclaims that she's terrified, but she's not just pull the trigger. Unhealthy love games aside, she's dressed to kill...that's for sure. A black Marc Jacobs striped knit tops her outfit, revealing the subtle sexiness of this girl. Black skinny jeans close things out, but always the fashionista, even in a deathly game such as this she toes the line in Dolce & Gabbana ankle strap platform pumps. She won't be able to I guess the trigger shall be pulled.

Rude Boy
7. Rude Boy
Items in this set:
Balmain top, 890 EUR
Balmain skirt, 4.025 EUR
Giuseppe Zanotti boots, $510
Alexander McQueen clutch, $657
Iosselliani earrings, 294 EUR

The girl from the previous song must've dipped out because this is the first lil bright spot on the album. On Rude Boy, this girl says "Come here rude boy, boy can you get it up, come here rude boy, boy is you big enough" and after that says "take it, take it baby, baby, take it, take it, love me, love me." Phew ! She's trying to do that and as fine as Rihanna is...well let me stay on course lol I figured for this look, we'd take it to the club in a seductively deep v neck white draped top and a black snug fitting skirt with a bit of shine. The color here comes in the form of the electric blue booties by Giuseppe Zanotti. Iosselliani earrings add a bit of glamour and the Alexander McQueen adds "bad girl" appeal.

8. Photographs
Items in this set:
Kova & T dress, $249
Givenchy boots, 780 GBP
Lounge Lover tights, $145

After the rude gyal finishes with the rude boi, she's back to contemplating a lost love. She seems to lament that "all I've got, all I've got are these photographs, all I've got is nothing without you". I imagine she's sitting alone looking through old pics wanting her past back in her life. A simple striped tee dress and black leggings are perfect for a contemplative chill. The Givenchy boots are just in case she steps out to go find ol' boy, you know she just might...remember the chick from Fire Bomb?

Items in this set:
Markus Lupfer top, $745
Givenchy boots, 1.375 EUR
Preen tights, $760
Kerin Rose sunglasses, $350

MAWI ring, 219 GBP

This song stars off with a haunting melody and a cold statement, " I lick the gun when I'm done cause revenge is sweet." Clearly, female empowerment has taken on a murderous tone in this anthem. G4L means gangsta for life and this girl seems to know pretty much how to take care of a guy who's done her wrong and she's joining with her girls to exact vengeance on these bad men. What's better for this than "all black everything" . . . nothing, that's what ! The looks starts with a studded lace top and black latex leggings. She has to be sexy but functional, the boots although extremely high serve that duel purpose of fashion and puncturing tool. She hides her face behind black studded shades and wears a big rocky know why !

Te Amo
10. Te Amo
Items in this set:
Norma Kamali dress, 535 GBP
Adam dress, $465
Givenchy sandals, 750 EUR
L.A.M.B. sandals
Missoni earrings, $233

Te Amo means I love you, but this young lady is experiencing this beautiful phrase from another female who she doesn't feel the same way about. Their close friendship has spurred the girl to mis-read feelings. I see these two girls out for a girls night out, short dresses, high heels and statement earrings. As they dance, one girl notices the other is seductively staring as the girl in this song sings, "Listen, we can dance, but you gotta watch your hands...I understand that we all need love and I'm not afraid, I feel the love, but I don't feel it that way". Wow.

Cold Case Love
11. Cold Case Love
Items in this set:
Stella McCartney cardigan, $1,187
Lounge Lover pants, $185
Balmain boots, $1,605
Chanel tote bag

This young lady starts out on a roof contemplating the love that she walked away from and then went back to. She's now out of love again and looking back, a lil angry possibly, that she re-opened the cold case that was their love. A black body suit is what she's chilling in before she dashes out her apartment and up to her roof to think, but not before she grabs her aptly colored Stella McCartney pull over, shoves all the pictures and memories into her over-sized Chanel tote and deftly puts on a pair of Balmain boots. After all, contemplation, tears and sorrow look best when dressed appropriately.

The Last Song
12. The Last Song
Items in this set:
Alexander Wang dress, $695
Nicholas Kirkwood sandals bracelet, 588 EUR
Alexis Bittar earrings, $245

What if we left every moment that we could spare
And the perfect song will end up being the last song you'll ever hear
You'll never know when the songs gonna play
The last song you'll hear is the one you made
This song was beautiful, that's why I started singing it
But this song is our song is playing until the end even if the last
song . . .

That's how the last song on the cd begins and it's also called "The Last Song". This woman seems to be putting it all in for love and see things out until the end, even if it's going to be over between their two hearts. It brings to mind the quote, "Tis better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all". I imagine that this girl is an actual singer, belting this out to a room full of people as therapy for herself. A beautifully draped black Alexander Wang dress takes center stage and she wears Nicholas Kirkwood studded platform heels, a nod to the bad girl she sometimes is. Pointed earrings hang from her ears and she wears a jeweled mink cuff while she sings of putting it all in for love, no matter what the outcome may be.


  1. fashioncitizen says:

    FASHIONCITIZEN FYI : : Fashion/Music Mash-Up - Rated R - Rihanna


    From the Fashion Citizen Archives : : Fashion/Music Mash-Up - Rated R - Rihanna

  3. Cory Malcolm says:

    From the Fashion Citizen Archives : : Fashion/Music Mash-Up - Rated R - Rihanna


    From the Fashion Citizen Archives : : Fashion/Music Mash-Up - Rated R - Rihanna


    From the Fashion Citizen Archives : : Fashion/Music Mash-Up - Rated R - Rihanna


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