FC Product Review – imossi N1 wallet

The imossi N1 is a premium fashion accessory for men. I know what you're thinking, here's something else that I'm going to say you need and how innovative and dope it is. Well, you're right and this is a pretty cool wallet. It's cut from a single piece of aluminum and it has a cool addition, there's a bottle opener notched into one of it's sides. The presentation of the imossi N1 excited me as soon as I opened it. It's sleek appearance and modern appeal more than lived up to it's description and I couldn't wait to take it out for a test drive.



imossi N1

I took the imossi N1 out for a test spin on this past 4th of July weekend. I put the necessary cards and cash into the wallet and headed out. First thing, how does everything manage to stay secure. I saw the band that extends around the entire wallet and I was a bit skeptical that it would keep all my cards secure. After a few times in and out of my back pocket, after sitting and driving around, my cards were secure and nothing slipped out or got lost. The band kept everything secure. You can switch out the black band for other colors as you can see above but I plan on keeping this black one on for a while, it adds to the bad ass appeal of a black aluminum wallet.



imossi N1


The wallet has a bit of weight to it but it still very much maintains it's light weight claim. It's not like you have a brick in your pocket or anything. After a great weekend of fun and fireworks, this wallet stood up to being in and out of denim pockets. I didn't lose any cards or cash and when I passed it around at the family BBQ, it got rave reviews from uncles, cousins, aunts and little nieces and nephews.


opening a bottle

imossi N1

outside car

imossi N1


You can find more about the imossi N1 onĀ http://www.imossi.london/ and you can secure yours by way of their Kickstarter.


  1. Terence Banich MD says:

    Where can I purchase the Mossi N1 wallet?

    • fashioncitizen says:

      Good evening Dr. Banich ! Thanks for inquiring about the iMossi N1 Wallet. You can purchase it here.


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