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It's an amazing thing to be a blogger. We have access to so much and it's our duty to expose the great things we come across to our readers. I came across Fuggit after reading a feature on them at Unkut Dope. Their mission of bringing an end to sneaker related violence through community involvement and their unique brand of crocheted slippers is admirable and deserves as much media attention as we all can give them. I got a chance to speak with Richard from Fuggit and ask a few questions about this amazing brand.



Fashion Citizen : Can you tell us about the event that prompted you to start Fuggit?

Fuggit : I had an idea originally called mocsoc in collaboration with a longtime friend. We hoped to make socks that resembled popular sneakers. I eventually came up with idea of doing crochet instead of socks so that the designs couldn't be covered by shoes. A year later my close friend, Mike Alvarado, was murdered in my hometown. His passing lead me to research cases of material violence, specifically sneakers. The stories I was reading really started getting to me and I realized that I could use my product to bring attention to the problem of sneaker violence.




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FC : Sneaker culture is always a booming business. In your opinion, where has this business failed the communities that follow after it so religiously?

Fuggit : One thing I've learned since running a business; is that you can't always control how people will react to your product. Every company has to create hype for their product to get sales through marketing. Unfortunately, there have been a lot of deaths over hyped sneakers. It is not my place to say where another company has failed, but our company can provide a platform that addresses violent consumer actions that some companies may not be as focused on.          


FC : New shoes come out daily, what are some things you look for in a potential must have?

Fuggit : I grew up in a time where sneakers were loved for their historic context and art. I remember first seeing the Jordan Bordeaux in the Michael Jackson " Jam" video, a video that brought together both of my heroes. I also remember when the Yeezy's came out in 2009 and at the time I was in Spain with my girlfriend. Kanye's 808's and Heartbreaks was all I listened to. It was a very emotional album and it was a very emotional time for myself and my girlfriend. Every time I see these shoes there is nostalgia in my heart and it makes me reflect on my life . Needless to say, I choose sneakers based off how the art relates to me.



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FC : To focus on Fuggit a bit, How is Fuggit working to change the sneaker culture?

Fuggit : Awareness first. We are getting the names of the lives lost out there as much as possible. We want people to be conscious of their purchases. We want to affect the culture to be less about putting a price tag on lives and more about respecting lives, knowing that those sneakers are supposed to bring joy and not fear.





FC : You've recently added a sturdier sole to your pieces. What are some of the other advances we can look for in future releases from Fuggit?

Fuggit : We have a lot coming in the future!! The great part of this project for me is working with crochet artist that are limitless. Seeing the creativity and skill of these artist is nothing short of amazing. I don't want to give away too much but I will be experimenting with the form of the lace structure and different colorways on new designs.


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FC : Folks need to get familiar with the movement that is Fuggit. Where can we follow the movement on social media?

Fuggit : www.fuggit.us, Twitter: rozeworld, IG: fuggit, FB: fuggit

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  1. Rich says:

    Thanks again for the support. You all have an amazing thing going with this blog. I will def stay tuned


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