Kevin Live! “Must Be A Model” Video Premiere x Power In One Clothing Spring 2014 Release

This weekend I had the opportunity to support Kevin Live! aka The DC Gentleman at his Must Be A Model video premiere as well as the launch of Power In One's Spring 2014 clothing release.

The event drew an eclectic mix of people from all over DC and it was a packed house ! The event took place in the Anacostia Arts Center and it was the perfect setting for the music & fashion that took place that evening. The hosts of Dumb Fresh Radio were mc'ing the event and they brought the energy level even higher than it already was. You can check them out on Wednesdays at 6pm here. First up on the stage was a young lady by the name of Opal Rose. Her music can only be described as a soundscape for the soul. Have you ever heard someone sing and you feel everything they're singing? No, she wasn't emo or being really deep but she was expressing her art by using just her voice as the instrument. It was cool to see her layering her voice over itself to create a backdrop that her melodious voice floated effortlessly over.

Here are the links to clips of her performances : Opal Rose 1 Opal Rose 2

You can find more of Opal Rose's music here.


Up next to the stage was Lamont Bagfeel. Now this brother had some serious soul with him. The grooves and vocals were that kind of music that make you crunch up your face and hit the person next to you like, "Did you hear that?" My friends at the event with me were searching his music on Itunes as he was performing. He also premiered a new song that night and let me tell you, if it was available right then I would've put money down for it. You can find Lamont's music on Itunes as well as on his site here.

Here are the clips to his performances : Lamont Bagfeel 1 Lamont Bagfeel 2



The Good Life University family was also in the building and they had two artists from their camp that performed. Add'm Fears & GMG Reel. The energy these dudes flowed with on the mic was tangible. It's good to hear folks with something to say grab a mic and say it their own way. Add'm Fears rocked out with his performance and I managed to capture the tail end of it. Pardon me folks, I had to rock out too ! So since I wasn't able to capture the performances of Add'm Fears and GMG Reel...I'll do you one better and provide the links to their music so you can hear for yourself the greatness I did.

Add'm Fears Music      GMG Reel Music


After the energetic performances from Add'm Fears and GMG Reel, we got a brief intermission to calm down a bit before Kevin Live! and the DC Gentlemen band took the stage. I met Kevin a year or so at an event I was attending and it's always cool to build with another go getter. Kevin is one of those humble people that you meet and instantly want to work with and help where ever you can. With that said, I had NO idea this dude was so good behind a mic. Kevin got on stage and transformed into Kevin Live! and had the entire place rocking along with his music. The band provided a funky background to Kevin's lyrics about the nuances of the man-woman thing.

Here are a few clips of Kevin Live ! and the DC Gentlemen : Kevin Live! x DC Gentlemen 1  Kevin Live! x DC Gentlemen 2


Alright, so after all that good music, you'd think the night was over right ?! Wrong ! The crowd was led into a theater and seated for the premiere of Kevin's new video, Must Be A Model, shot by Brain Engine Studios. They ran it back twice after the audience yelled for an was that good ! The video featured some very beautiful women who were also in attendance to watch the video with us. The video was a fun, upbeat dance track giving props to a sexy, vibrant woman...who must be a model. How else can this guy on the track explain how amazing this woman is?

Check the video below

You can download the track on Itunes here.

The Power In One Spring 2014 pieces have not hit their site yet, but you can rest assured Fashion Citizen will let you know when they're available for purchase. You can check out the available pieces at their e-shop here.

I'd like to thank Kevin Live! and the Power In One family for inviting me out for a great night !


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