Kingpen Slim “Life After Doubt” Listening Party

How fitting that on Veteran's Day, many influencers in DC would gather to celebrate a different kind of survivor of battle. The listening party for Kingpen Slim's new album, Life After Doubt is a musical story that is full of impactful imagery and stellar production.

The artistry and the love for music is evident as you hear Kingpen Slim talk about his latest project. Sitting in a paired down location, the vibe is very chill. There's an air of expectation mixed with success for a hard fought win. The team hurries around making sure everything is on point while making each attendee feel welcome. A welcome surprise is the half & half (lemonade and ice tea mix) and chicken wings served carry out style. It's DC in the building and it's undeniable.

As the lights dim, we view the behind the scenes of Slim's latest project, Life After Doubt. You get the sense that Kingpen Slim has been through a lot and he's risen above it to deliver this latest effort. His team is confident in his artistry, his band is a well thought out team of creatives and it all works together. Slim is hungry. Not that new age hungry for social media likes but really hungry. The interesting thing is he's competing with himself. He pushes himself to be greater because of what he envisions. You get all these senses just by hearing how he speaks about competition, his upbringing and many other topics covered in these films.

Here's some of my favorite tracks from the album

Materialistic - Slim's mellifluous flow carries this song the entire way. The harsh realities of the time he describes and this grind to make it are felt throughout this slow burning groove.

D'mons - Is it a stronger man to take somebody out or to move on? Slim discusses this very difficult situation in this song. A great life lesson here, real strength in difficult times. Can you sleep with your decision ?

Dreaming of Kilos - Real talk set to a smooth beat. A very real situation for many people in DC in the late 80's, early 90's. Selling drugs isn't glamorized or glorified in this track, it's a reality. It's a way to make it and live. You're made to understand the survival in this kind of hustle.

Road Trip - Real story. Strong groove. It was cool to see Slim reflect back on this particular track and chat with the attendees about some of the things he'd been through. You got the sense that Slim is very grateful for making it through these life lessons.

Bad Guy - Slim gets a chance to be braggadocios on this one. Hot lines. Smoldering beat. He says this track is created by a rapper for rappers. Judging by the many heads nodding in the listening party, it's for the listeners too.

Go Go Story - Most of Slim's tracks paint a picture and this one puts you right inside the Go Go. He's creating an homage to a great part of musical history in DC. Hearing Slim talk about the Go Go and the fun he had got the crowd gathered at the party hype and people began to reminisce about their own experiences at the Go Go.

Take a listen to Life After Doubt

Check out the newly released video for Bad Guys, from Life After Doubt

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    […] Since it’s release, the 14-track project has been reviewed very favorably by the likes of The Crew, 2Dope Boys, Brightest Young Things, Dirty Glove Bastard and Fashion Citizen. […]


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