#LiberiaVsEverybody Talk || @Africanistipod x @unkutDOPE Podcast : Tribal Talk


Our friends at UnkutDOPE got a chance to sit down with the hosts of The Africanist's Tribal Talk to discuss their brand, Liberia and many other interesting topics. I got a chance to listen to the podcast last night and it was informative and very candid. The gents at The Africanist have a hilarious way of doing their show while dropping knowledge about African culture and the many ways that African culture intertwines with America. It's one of my goals as a black man to learn more about the continent of Africa, especially since my family hails from the Cape Verde Islands, which aren't to far from the continent.


I invite you all to listen below and check out unkutDOPE & The Africanist.


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