Luxe Neckwear : The Two Piece Tie

When I received word from Luxe Neckwear about trying out their neckties, I was excited to see this necktie that had one of those cool, elaborate knots. I admit as a frequent neck tie wearer that I sometimes want to switch things up between my regular full windsor knot. The problem was when I saw instructions on how to tie those knots, I just gave up and tied my regular knot and went on about my day. Luxe Neckwear aims to help with that problem by giving you quality neckwear that is already knotted for you. Yes, this is a whole new take on the pre-tied necktie.


Here is what the found Brent Bustamante has to say...



Hi, I'm Brent Bustamante, Founder and President of Luxe Neckwear. I spent 8 years in the Marines, five of them Active Duty. Wanting to look sharp but also stand out, I taught myself how to tie dozens of tie knots. What else are you going to do in Afghanistan on your down time?

It was while I was tying one of the more elaborate knots that I started to think, "These knots are going to be the death of me. There has to be an easier way."

After a ton of research, development, deliberation, design, and testing; it was easier said than done but I'm pleased to announce that we have perfected the Two Piece Tie. The knot and the tie are two separate pieces of fabric. All you need to do is slip it on, adjust so that your tie tip barely touches your belt buckle, and snug your knot up.


Brent has solved a great problem here. As stylish men, we still enjoy simplicity and ease and the Luxe Neckwear brand aims to help us do that while providing neckties that are not only high quality silk but come in a variety of patterns and colors. When I saw the selections that will become available, I was pretty excited that Brent had put so much effort and time into making sure that the simplistic guy and the statement making guy are both addressed. He's giving us options even if we want to be simple on Monday and Statement on Friday.



Fashion Citizen Editor, Devon Pina in a Luxe Neckwear Tie




Devon's full look complete with Luxe Neckwear Tie


You can find out more about more about the brand and how to purchase by visiting Luxe Neckwear.

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