McDonald’s Fresh Out The Box Campaign featuring @PRSVR

I'm super excited to bring to you a new development for our friends over at Chicago fashion house, PRSVR.  They've been recently featured in a McDonald's commercial and we've got it ! Check out the news from the brand below.

Call it genius, call it strategy, or call it just good timing, McDonald’s pays homage to sneaker and fashion communities as they
launch their new line of limited edition Sirloin Third Pound burgers with a national commercial ad campaign today. In the setting for the "Fresh Out of the Box" television commercial, McDonald's connects directly with the sneaker culture and plays on the emotional rollercoaster of the “limited edition” shopper, as they recreated the scene of the most anticipated Red Ostrich Leather sneaker from the hottest fashion house on Chicago’s Michigan avenue. McDonald’s chose the formula of Passion, Resilience, Sacrifice, Values, and Respect to highlight the message behind their latest creation, a formula that, since 2012 has been trailblazing through the Chicago, fashion, and celebrity communities. Persevere, or more commonly known as PRSVR is the RED hot Chicago fashion house owned and operated by Brandon & Margaret Williamson in the heart beat
of the magnificent mile, the 900 N. Michigan shops.


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