Menswear Minute : Sir Marlon DeNon

There has come a time where the age of the gentleman is more than just a passing fancy. It's becoming a way of life for many, we are skewing towards dressing better, eating better, living better and moving towards a more fulfilled life. The first impression being lasting is still true and Sir Marlon DeNon is no exception to that rule. This gentleman is a true renaissance man. He's a model, writer, image & lifestyle consultant and former vocalist. It is indeed an honor to feature Marlon on Fashion Citizen. At a time when, culturally, the black man is such a hot topic, I am eager to showcase this black man and the positive contribution he is to the world of style and the world at large.




Fashion Citizen : Discuss your business/profession in detail.
Sir Marlon DeNon : I work hand in hand with brands and or individuals and my personal goal is to not only enhance their images by bringing a much more mature element & feel to what they bring to the table, but I also teach my clients rules of etiquette for many situations such as dining, dating, romance, event hosting and much more.

FC : What's the best part of your job?
SMD : The best part about what I'm blessed enough to do is seeing personal growth both internally and fashionably when it comes to styling and developing a clients look and feel.


Sir Marlon DeNon

Sir Marlon DeNon


FC : What's the most challenging part?
SMD : The most challenging aspect is balancing creativity with longevity because most individuals start by thinking they want to keep up with the trends but I think it's important to maintain a classy feel with whatever you're trying to bring to the equation when it comes to fashion. This way, it doesn't alienate anyone & it has a universal appeal. At the end of the day, I want everyone to feel good about themselves and I want their success and their look to be synonymous with longevity and class.

FC : How much time do you spend getting ready in the morning?
SMD : I don’t spend much time getting ready actually. I make sure my closest is coordinated/organized so I can put looks together spontaneously without taking up too much time. Being well groomed is a must so I spend more time shaving than I do getting dressed each morning. A lady appreciates a well groomed man even if he's in gym clothes but a well dressed man that doesn't groom himself will still look messy.

FC : What are some of the latest trends you like?
SMD : I hope I don't come off as bland, but I've never been drawn to trends. I tend to look back through older editorials to draw inspiration.


Sir Marlon DeNon

Sir Marlon DeNon



FC : What is the one beauty/fashion item you can’t live without?
SMD : My grandfather's pocket watch. It embodies so much for me and I only bring it out for special occasions but it's by far my most treasured item.

FC : If you could have a super power, which would be and why?
SMD : The ability to travel back in time to spend time with those who laid the fashion foundation that we all love and admire today. I'm very nostalgic so being able to spend time on Saville Row with Carey Grant, or to pick the brain of Steve McQueen would be amazing!




Sir Marlon DeNon

Sir Marlon DeNon


  1. Sir Marlon DeNon says:

    A most sincere thank you for such a wonderful write up kind sir!

  2. Tshay says:

    Bravo!! Fashion should be self expression without trying to cram your body into the latest trends.

    Sir Marlon is a treasure that evokes thoughts of a time when men dressed and carried themselves as gentlemen.

    The photos in the article are amazing and I'd like to see and hear more from Sir Marlon.


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