Menswear Minute : Summer Shoe Survival

Hot weather makes you rethink many things and your style is certainly one of them. You've got to manage to stay cool and not sacrifice your style. There is also the fact that you have to dress appropriately for where you're going, work, worship or a day party, each one requires a different sort of look.

Footwear can make or break an outfit and you shouldn't spend all of your hot days with your feet closed in. I found 3 brands that will work great in your summer shoedrobe and keep your look both current and cool.


Ancient Greek Sandals

Ancient Greek Sandals


A good sandal is an awesome start to your summer footwear. I know a lot of gentleman have issue with having their feet out but beyond that, a sandal can add a different look to your entire outfit. Swap out your sneakers for a sandal paired with a polo and slim fit denim. Attending summer events outside like music festivals and food truck gatherings are perfect times for a sandal. This footwear choice will add a bit of casual polish to your outfit. Ancient Greek Sandals simple construction with high quality leather will get better and better with each wear.






The Rivieras brand aims to be your go to shoe for summer and I am a believer. I own a pair of these and I've worn them with everything from joggers to dress pants. They're comfortable and the wide selection provides something for everyone. An added bonus is the terry cloth lining in the shoe. It was a hidden feature I was glad for with the humidity always so high in my native DC. Having dry feet in hot weather is always a good thing and still maintaining a stylish look is even better. This is one of those shoes that you can add to a very formal look to make it a little more unique and wearing them to work for casual Friday will work just fine too.







Castaner, an international brand based in Spain, has been making espadrilles for quite some time. These comfortable shoes are asking for a vacation trip and a great pair of shorts and a tank pairing. An espadrille has that out of town vibe to me and it would be perfect on the sands of your favorite tropical destination for a few days of beach combing. That's not to say that if you want to have a go at wearing them in the asphalt jungle, they won't work. While I wouldn't recommend wearing these every day to beat up the pavement, maybe a casual friday or throwing these on for after work drinks would make your outfit a lot cooler.

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