Menswear Minute : You Deserve A Good Hat

It's become a recent affinity of mine to find a great hat. Not a fitted cap, I've got those. Not a snapback, I have some pretty good ones too but a hat, a grown man hat. You know one of those hats that make you feel like you need a great overcoat and a crisp pair of raw denim under them. As with most things that pop into my head, I took to social media and the internet to find some amazing hat retailers that would be right on the money for your fall hats. Truth be told, why wait until it gets chilly out...get your hat now and kick things up a notch for the rest of the summer.



Simplicity... Summer felts.... #NickFouquet

A photo posted by Nick Fouquet (@nickfouquet) on

  Nick Fouquet is a hatmaker based in Los Angeles. His unique brand of hats caught my eye because of their individual stories. Each piece looks to have lived it's own life and is ready for you to take it on your next journey and see how you two can make things happen. There are simple hats and more interesting ones, my favorite so far is the Nick Fouquet version of the Peruvian Bowler. Nick's whole life style seems like he'd be one of those cool folks to hang out with and catch a drink by the beach. I encourage you to check out the brand, Nick Fouquet.                

The Cody and The Moondancer now available on our website A photo posted by John Dennis (@samrobertsla) on

The husband and wife team behind Sam Roberts LA have a love for vintage and you can see it in their designs. They've named the company after their son and if that isn't love, I don't know what is. Not to be sappy, but if a company loves vintage and has a strong sense of love between it's members, it's pretty safe to say you can purchase from them without worry. Love aside, the aesthetic is so dope over at Sam Roberts I had a vocal response upon seeing a red hat that they call the Sonoma. It was a wee bit small for my head, blame my locs, but it didn't stop me from imagining making some great moves in it. Get your Sam Roberts LA fix and if you get the Sonoma, take a pic and send it to me.





Jon Narcisso, who's been featured here before, is certainly setting the summer on fire with his straw fedoras. Now while I certainly want one of Jon's latest offerings in every color, I also want the same fedoras for the fall too. Greedy right? But when you find a great hat, you get in all colors I believe...just like shoes. Jon's clean aesthetic works so well with his LA surroundings and from celebs to everyday gents, Jon's hats always find a place. Hoping that atop my head one of Jon's hats will soon rest. Jon Narcisso is the place to see more of what this brand has to offer you.

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