#NYFW & Fashion Citizen – Mason Sylvester SP 2015

New York Fashion Week is fully under way with the Spring 2015 collections and with that I'm excited to bring you the latest from Mason Sylvester. Mason Sylvester is a menswear line from designer Tony Lowry. Tony is one of those designers that makes pieces men actually want to wear while helping us to advance our style at the same time. He does with subtle details like contrasting cuffs and plackets on a printed shirt, intricate trim on a sherbet toned shirt and a cityscape tank with printed shorts.

Tony told Fashion Citizen that his goal was to create resort inspired pieces with the practicality of urban and city living. He further explained those intricate trims are actually city skyline silhouettes. The patterns and textures throughout the collection, Tony said, were used to emulate  the excitement of city living while encompassing the effortless ease and taste of the vacation and resort experience through vibrant colors and energetic shapes and forms. I believe with this collection Tony has coined the phrase "urban resort" and if this is any indication of where it can lead, I can't wait to see how Tony grows this idea in the coming seasons.

Mason1 Mason2 Mason3 Mason4 Mason5 Mason6 Mason7 Mason8 Mason9 Mason10 Mason11 Mason12

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