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Top 5 Women’s Sunglasses for Spring/Summer 2016 from Specs New York

I couldn’t do a top 5 list without including the wonderful ladies of fashion citizen. Sunglasses are a great accessory and they can help you turn things up with your looks for those sunny days. Let’s get right into the top 5 sunglasses for Spring/Summer 2016 from Specs New York.         Brand : Mykita | Style : Scarlett | Color : 184 | Price : $497 Let’s…


Top 5 Men’s Sunglasses for Spring/Summer 2016 from Specs New York

So it looks like we may finally be out of the woods with the crazy weather, so with the sun shining bright and the outdoors becoming the place to be, you’re going to need a great pair of sunglasses. Here’s the thing, it’s way more than just a incognito way to people watch and look cool in your latest look. Prolonged eye exposure to direct sunlight can be damaging, so…


Bold Moves for Spring 2016

What’s up folks…   It’s been a while since we’ve discussed style here and I won’t delay any longer. Spring 2016 has a lot of great trends to it and one thing they all have in common is boldness. This warm weather will see us shedding our layers and stepping out in bold colors, daring materials and outrageous prints. When you look good, you feel good right? Let’s get to…


Fashion Citizen Spotlight : Guillermo Tragant, Designer, Artist & Creative Director

The world of creatives is a vast one and it’s a motley crew of people. There are no two alike, even within the same field. We take a dive into this cool world and visit with Guillermo Tragant, Creative Director at Richards/Lerma, a multi-faceted branding agency based in Texas. Guillermo is also a designer, menswear master and much more. Let’s take a look into the world of creativity through his…


Black History Month Spotlight : Miss Black USA 2015, Madison Gibbs

There’s nothing like seeing royalty face to face. The majesty of the crown, the bright smile on their face and the idea that this person is someone you can have faith in to lead. Miss Black USA 2015, Madison Gibbs is all of those things and we couldn’t be more proud of her. Her platform includes heart health, a big problem in the black community and it’s her goal to…


Black History Month Spotlight : Dominick Adams

It’s often the people out front who get all the glory, but those behind the scenes are making plenty of noise themselves. Take a look at Dominick Adams. He’s a buyer for Maketto, a retail/restaurant mash up in DC’s H St corridor and one of the men behind bringing the store and it’s whole vibe to this area. If you’ve ever been to Maketto, the cool vibe and pieces they…


Black History Month Spotlight : Ty Cobb

If you had the choice in life of getting a small, medium, or large, most would go for the large. It’s going to fill you up, it’s the biggest and best, it’s the lion’s share. Our feature today has taken that mindset and made it her mantra. Ms. A Large herself, Ty Cobb, is a petite woman but her personality and drive is….well…large. She lights up a room with her…


Black History Month Spotlight : Carrington B.

The one thing that can never be said about black people is that we don’t know how to have a good time. Yes, with all that has faced us as a people recently and in our past, we have always managed to find time to smile, laugh, dance, and cut a few rugs. Continuing this good time tradition is our feature today, Carrington B. He is a part of Unique…


Black History Month Spotlight : Dominique Auxilly

American couture isn’t a term that you hear much but when you see the designs of today’s feature, it becomes very real. Dominique Auxilly is a designer that we will be looking back on years from now and wishing we archived her collections to pull from for great moments. The most amazing thing about Dominique is that she is a humble and kind spirit, which isn’t always common amongst the…


Black History Month Spotlight : Danny McCrimmon

Have you ever heard that saying, Jack of all trades, Master of none? Well, whoever said that never met Danny McCrimmon. This man has many talents and he has a way of executing them all with excellence. He started his music career as a drummer in the Washington, DC area and from there was able to play all over the world for many different artists and people. He’s a living…

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