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Black History Month Spotlight : Carrington B.

The one thing that can never be said about black people is that we don’t know how to have a good time. Yes, with all that has faced us as a people recently and in our past, we have always managed to find time to smile, laugh, dance, and cut a few rugs. Continuing this good time tradition is our feature today, Carrington B. He is a part of Unique…


Black History Month Spotlight : Dominique Auxilly

American couture isn’t a term that you hear much but when you see the designs of today’s feature, it becomes very real. Dominique Auxilly is a designer that we will be looking back on years from now and wishing we archived her collections to pull from for great moments. The most amazing thing about Dominique is that she is a humble and kind spirit, which isn’t always common amongst the…


Black History Month Spotlight : Danny McCrimmon

Have you ever heard that saying, Jack of all trades, Master of none? Well, whoever said that never met Danny McCrimmon. This man has many talents and he has a way of executing them all with excellence. He started his music career as a drummer in the Washington, DC area and from there was able to play all over the world for many different artists and people. He’s a living…


Black History Month Spotlight : Melissa W.

Jesse Ownens said, “Find the good. It’s all around you. Find it, showcase it and you’ll start believing in it.” Our feature today has found good, showcases it, believes it and even teaches others how to get it. In the world of plus size fashion, there is so much confidence, style and greatness but many people don’t see it because they allow size to determine value and worth. As a…


Black History Month Spotlight : Ryan Lucas

There’s a rich legacy of music in the black culture. Pretty much every genre of music has the influence of African-Americans running through it and modern times are no different. We are every where and our influence is greater than ever. Let’s take a look at Ryan Lucas. I wouldn’t call Ryan a rapper. I’d call Ryan a story teller. His music creates a situation and you feel like it’s…


Black History Month Spotlight : Cierra Lynn

What’s a woman to do when she has a child to take care of and is faced with unemployment? Start a successful business and groom her daughter to do the same right? Yes. Yes, that’s right. That was Cierra Lynn’s response to being faced with unemployment some years ago and she hasn’t looked back since. Cierra has put her specialized brand of art on everything from bags to shirts to…


Fashion Week : The Visual Album

Another Fashion Week is coming to a close in New York and the range of emotions, the oohs and ahhs, the street style outfits, the dinners, parties and such are all going to be just a memory pretty soon. It’s these great moments that we wish would last forever. Jason Maek & Zaena, two out of the box music artists, got together for another project and it’s called, “Fashion Week…


Black History Month Spotlight : LaShawn Daniels

2 Grammy wins. Named the secret weapon behind many of today’s top artists. Chances are if you’ve got a jam, he’s had something to do with it. I’m talking about LaShawn Daniels. He’s most recently worked with Erica Campbell on the trap gospel hit, I Luh God. He has also been very instrumental in the resurgence of the career of Tamar Braxton. You’ve also seen him on the weTV show,…


Black History Month Spotlight : Mattie James

It’s been our goal with the posts that have appeared on Fashion Citizen this month, to show the greatness that lies within our communities. We love our celebrities and big names but there are people that live in your city that are making history every single day. One of those people is Mattie James. Mattie is a mother, wife and blogging maven. She’s one of those people who works very…


Black History Month Spotlight : Good Life University

These days groups don’t stay together long enough to drop an album or release one collection. Having a collective mentality towards success and working together for that is almost a foreign concept. The Good Life University gentleman have not only released multiple collections but they have put on annual events like their cookout that gets bigger and bigger every year. In their group are several different creative minds that all…

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