Quell Collections: Culture over Couture T-Shirt

Our friends at Quell Collections have a new release today that we have to give you all the heads up on. The Culture over Couture T-Shirt has a pretty cool message and I think all of my fashion heads should get familiar. We all love the grandeur of the fashion industry but all of that flash doesn't mean to much if you don't have anything to back it up.


Let's take a look back at great likes Diana Vreeland and Andre Leon Talley. Two major players with large personalities with a vast amount of knowledge from these two people. They could afford to be grandiose because of all of the work that they put in. I'm a major proponent of learning the industry, digesting it and building on it. Let there be something behind the grandeur, lest you be just another mannequin, all dressed up and no where to go.


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Quell Collections | Culture over Couture


Quell Collections | Culture over Couture

Quell Collections | Culture over Couture


The Culture over Couture unisex graphic tee has a slightly over-sized boxy silhouette made from 6.2 oz. heavy weight cotton.
The shirts will be available today, Thursday August 13th  at www.QuellCollections.com in limited quantities sizes S-XL.


Respect to Quintel Harcum, always doing it for the culture !

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