Shaolin Jazz New Music Release | Byrd Over Staten

In 2011 the creators of SHAOLIN JAZZ released a 3-song EP entitled The Gil Scott Suite, a tribute to the late Gil Scott Heron.  Now they are pleased to announce the next edition to the SHAOLIN JAZZ tribute series, Byrd Over Staton; an EP dedicated to the works of the late iconic Jazz musician and teacher, Donald Byrd.
As with all previous releases, Byrd Over Staten is a conceptual project in which select songs and breaks from Donald Byrd's vast collection of music are fused with lyrics and sound bites from the legendary Hip Hop group Wu-Tang Clan. I got a chance to listen to this track and it's such a strong groove, you can't help but to give a serious head nod and screw your face up. One of the great parts about SHAOLIN JAZZ songs is that you have to listen a few times to appreciate the complexity and the art of the blend of jazz and hip hop. If Love & Heat is any indication, Byrd Over Staten is going to be a superb release !
Listen  below to the first single from Byrd Over Staten entitled Love & Heat.

 The track is an uptempo groove taken from Byrd's Black Byrd album, and features verses of fast-paced bravado delivered by Ghostface Killah and Busta Rhymes.  The full-length EP is tentatively scheduled to be released in mid-October, in conjunction with a series of listening parties in DC, NY, and a few other markets.  Stay tuned.

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