Shoe Game Vicious : 70’s Chic – Platform Sandals Returns !

The 70's is a trend that I was a little reluctant to see return and as the designers began to take hold I still wasn't too sure of how it would translate. The 70's is a tricky era because of it's ties to disco and that whole Studio 54 vibe. Shiny fabrics, over the top looks and just too much of everything was all I could think of. I didn't want to see that again. In come the designers who took the trend and are giving us things like wide leg jeans, patterned tops, cross body bags with fringe and the platform shoe.


I was hype to see the platform return. It's a different look from the teetering stilettos and the 130 MM looks that are pretty much the going trend in women's footwear. The 80's spike heel will now exist against the chunky 70's platform and it's 2015 ! How cool is that. The photo used to highlight this feature is of the Giamba Aztec Platform sandal, recently spotted on Kim Kardashian-West as she attended the Variety Power of Women even in New York recently.



Kim Kardashian-West in Narciso Rodriguez & Giamba Sandals

You can just barely see the shoes peek from under her pristine Narciso Rodriguez runway look. The platforms help to add height so the pants don't drag and create visual interest as Mrs. West walks. Giamba may not be in your budget but here are a few similar platforms that will go very well under your wide legs looks or your billowy maxi dresses.





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