Shoe Game Vicious : Dior Spring 2013 Shoes

Raf Simons position at Dior was one of the biggest waves in the industry in quite sometimes. There were shouts of praise and then shouts of bring back John...either way Raf made his debut and it went off without a hitch. I have to say that initially I missed the pageantry and breathtaking designs of John Galliano. The clean, futuristic designs that Simons paraded down the runway weren't appealing to me at first. I wanted to resist them and hoped in some way that I could make them what I wanted to see. The more I began to see these pieces on celebrities and socialites, I started to really appreciate the fresh take on Dior. One of the most appreciated parts of the initial collection by Simons were the shoes. The curved heels stood out the most but the metallic reptile prints mixed with pastel colors proved to be a kick in the pants to what could've been a very droll collection.

photo 1

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