Trend Watch : 70’s Chic…For Less

I have to admit that when I first thought of 70's fashion I wasn't really intrigued by it. With all of the in your face of the Studio 54 era, I couldn't see past the shine and shimmer. The wide leg jean began to resurface recently and the lines of the jean really drew me in. Lengthening a silhouette is such a great thing in womenswear and when it's done right, it can make women appear longer and leaner in the best of ways. I decided to re-examine the 70's and I found 4 great pieces to take away from the era of disco : the trench coat, the wide leg jean, the platform shoe, and the fringe bag. You can take advantage of all or one of these pieces and get in on a great era in fashion. At Fashion Citizen, we aim to not only give you ways to get in on trends but to help you do so with a budget in mind. There isn't one piece in this feature that is above $200 and many are below $100. Being stylish doesn't require a large budget, but it does require a good eye, patience and an open mind.


The 70's had a lot of chic fashion ideas and I hope that after this post, you'll want to make your late summer/early fall wardrobe a little more funky !






The Trench


The Trench by fashioncitizen featuring a trench coat

The trench coat can be a statement or it can be a utility. The great part about the modern trenches is that you can find them in a wide array of colors and materials. Above you see a pink trench coat with traditional details but it’s soft coloring can serve you well with dressier ensembles just as well as it can over jeans and your favorite sneakers. The dual colored trench in the middle is perfect for your weekend trips around town and even to work. Trenches work best when belted to cinch the waist, if you’re worried about drawing attention to your waist that you don’t want, belt your trench a little higher than your natural waist to give the appearance of a smaller waist. Lastly, the more traditional trench is rendered in a softer fabric that gives it more ease.





Wide Leg Jeans


Wide Leg Jeans by fashioncitizen featuring wide leg jeans

It seemed like one of the staples in the 70’s was the wide leg jean. They’re back in a major way and in the bell bottom style as well as the more voluminous wide leg. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be tall and slim to wear wide leg jeans. You will need to have a good heel, platform or otherwise and a tailor. Your hem should never, ever, ever touch the ground but lightly hover over the ground as you walk. When you go to get your pants tailored or if you hem them yourself, put on the shoes you will wear with them so that you will know how they will fall in real life. Wide leg jeans also come in the popular high waist style as well and many different washes, so switch out a pair of your skinnies for a 70’s chic wide leg pair.





The Platform


The Platform by fashioncitizen featuring platform shoes

Platform heels quietly went away as the single sole revolution took over. Heel heights stayed the same as the platform left women standing on almost impossible pitches. The balls of your feet can begin to relax a bit while you rest them on platforms. The 70’s showed us chunky and stacked platforms but today’s platforms are a bit more modernized and reimagined. The wedge sandal from Jeffrey Campbell breathes fresh life into a popular design from the disco days and with summer in full swing, you can order this pair and boogie oogie oogie the Summer away. The pumps are a modified platform, also by Jeffrey Campbell. They add the height and comfort of a platform while incorporating a sleeker design. These pumps would pair well with the wide leg jeans we just talked about or you can pair them midi skirts and wide leg pants. Be careful when selecting platforms, you want to find the one that flatters your foot and works well with your lifestyle.





The Fringe Bag


The Fringe Bag by fashioncitizen featuring a fringe bag

The fringed handbag is a statement maker. No matter how you look at it, it is a step into boho chic that is one of the safer ways to take on the 70’s trend. If the wide leg jeans and platforms are too much and you’ve got enough coats, you can get your hands on a fringed bag and party with that purse. A fringed clutch adds so many cool points to a sheath dress or a simple ensemble that you’re looking to punch up. The fringed shoulder bag is a great all-purpose bag from weekend warrior to daytime diva. It’s roomy enough to hold your essentials without sacrificing style or appearing too bulky. The bright color only adds to its chic appeal. The bucket bag/knapsack is another option for the lady on the go. Running around getting your life in order or even a chic alternative to the classic work bag, this fringed option is a stylish way to bring the 70’s back.

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