Valentine’s Day Gift Guide : What To Get Your Gent !

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and the gift shopping is getting underway. Generally, men get the short end of the stick when it comes to this day and we’re expected to move heaven and earth for our lovely ladies. While a good romp is certainly welcome, there are a few other things that we would enjoy as well. I asked around and got a few ideas from my friends on what types of gifts would be welcome from their ladies this year.




Outerwear – The weather is still very cold and with the slot machine that is our weather forecast, you never know what’s going to happen between leaving for work and coming home. A good coat is worth its weight in gold, especially when you can face the elements and win. The two types of coat I recommend are Parkas and Overcoats. These styles of coats won’t go out of style and will keep your gentleman stylish from work to weekend.






Shoes – No, not sneakers. Shoes. Boots. Something that you’ll be proud to see us step out in on date night or dinner with your parents. Here’s the tip for shoes, take hints from your gents personal style to assist you in what style of shoe would work for him. If he’s the dapper city gent, you may want to go with an H by Hudson Derby Shoe and if he’s the laid back hipster, you can’t go wrong with a chukka boot from OHW? or Quoddy. It’s important to have balance in ones shoe closet and your pretty face recommending a nice casual/dress shoe will go a long way.




Home Goods


Home Goods – This category is one that can be more of your spin on what would be good for your gents man cave or his areas around the home. I spoke with a reader who told me that we (men) don’t pay enough attention to home décor as women would like so this is the chance to add a bit of style. You can get a candle with a masculine scent from Miansai, Baxter of California or Tom Dixon or a warm blanket from Faribault Woolen Mills for those snowed in movie nights. Lastly, to add a bit of organization a Woodlore Tie & Belt Hanger or a valet tray for keys and change would be very welcome.



Hopefully, these three categories will get you started on what to get your guy this Valentine’s Day. After dinner, dancing and you know (wink, wink), keep the party going with a great gift that shows

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